Meeting live at Vinceno's.  
What is the Omaha Rotary Night Club?
We are a group of Committed Leaders that are passionate about: Exchanging ideas, experiences and learning opportunities; Taking Action to create positive changes that benefit communities near or far; Building Friendships; and HAVING FUN

What this translates to is: We are a group of people from all walks of life who meet at Vincenzo's (15701 Pacific St.) on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Tuesdays of the month at 5:30 to socialize, eat, sip, and discuss ways to make the world a better place. Guests and visitors are ALWAYS welcome. Please come visit us anytime!
What's Happening?
"Is it better than a trash bag?"  Tom Krehbiel spoke at our club about the Boys Town Successful Futures program.  This program helps the graduating students getting ready to make that next transition.  One thing that struck all of us in the audience is the thought that many of these students pack their belongings to their next phase in life in garbage bags.  We all thought - we can do better than that.  
Please bring suitcases, duffle bags, gym bags or whatever to any of our Rotary meetings or events.
We have learned that one of our club's charter members Mimi Rogers-Farkas has ALS.  Mimi was a member of our club from 2009 to 2014 and has moved to Texas.  There is a go-fund-me page (link) to help her pay for her care. Continue reading for more about Mimi.  As Mark Sanford says, "The smile on her face is so Mimi!"
If you have anything you'd like to share - we have enabled comments on this page.
Club members showed up on June 1 to redo the Map Board at Crosskey Villages Park.  We were able to so the sanding and painting, but we ran into a snag.  Someone had used the sign for target practice so the plexiglass was unusable.  
We are reaching out to find a way to replace it (if you know how, please contact Gretchen)
Here's the AFTER picture:  thank you to Mark Sanford, Mark Hobson, Dennis Ritter, Jose (Lepe) Lepesuastegui and his daughter and Gretchen Bren who braved the mud and did a much improved board.
Please note - we are not done yet!  Stay tuned for Part 2.
The way to get more out of your Rotary membership is to get involved.  A new brochure from Rotary is all about Designing Your Rotary Experience (download it here - or click on the Read More link for some headlines. Talk with other club members and share your interest and ideas.  With a small club, we can all take an active role in shaping what our club does and making sure you get the most out of your Rotary Experience.
Our club participated in Project Wee Care again this year - Erin Oberhauser was chair and chief-gift buyer.  We had two kids and $1060 to spend ($750 from the club).  What all did we give this year?  Click to find out more.
Are we doing all that we can to make sure our club is welcoming to everyone, treating everyone with dignity and respect and allowing all voices to be heard?  That's part of Rotary's commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.  We may be a small club, but that means this is even more important that we are aware of all aspects of what this really means.  It's not just about the things we can see, but also about the things we can't see.  
This is a leadership training opportunity - and will benefit not only you as a Rotarian, but will benefit the company you work for.  For more details continue reading.
Your Rotary Club, Omaha Night, continues to do amazing work! We noticed that 100% of your club members gave $100 USD or more to The Rotary Foundation’s Annual Fund last Rotary year. Thank you for your leadership and inspiration to have made this accomplishment possible.We hope you can take a minute to celebrate this achievement during Foundation Month with your fellow Omaha Night members during your next meeting. This dedication and support of our Foundation truly makes Doing Good in the World Possible. Keep up the great work!With our sincerest appreciation and thanks,The Rotary Foundation
You may remember this video that Club President Gretchen Bren did last year to get clubs in the metro area involved with the Trail Marker Project. Keep reading for a report on an update as given at the District Conference July 2021.
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We meet on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the Month, 5:30 pm at Vincenzo's. 5th Tuesdays our a special social event. See website for location and details.
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