Our club participated in Project Wee Care again this year - Erin Oberhauser was chair and chief-gift buyer.  We had two kids and $1060 to spend ($750 from the club).  What all did we give this year?  Click to find out more.
Each boy got three pair of pajama pants, three jogger pants, three sweatshirts, 8 underwear, two bath towels, sheets, blanket, six t-shirts, a dresser, $50 playstation gift card, and shoes.
One also got a winter coat, table top billiards game, soccer ball and board games. The other got a guitar, basketball, basketball shorts, and workout equipment.
The family got $50 to Panda Express, $100 to Spare Time (new bowling alley), $75 to AMC Theatres and Poncho, the German Shepherd got a box full of doggie toys.
Project Wee Care also had a station where each child got to pick out a gift card for their parents ($50 value), Rotella's gave a loaf of bread, and we packaged over 600 bags of food to give to each family. 
Thank you!!