Are we doing all that we can to make sure our club is welcoming to everyone, treating everyone with dignity and respect and allowing all voices to be heard?  That's part of Rotary's commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.  We may be a small club, but that means this is even more important that we are aware of all aspects of what this really means.  It's not just about the things we can see, but also about the things we can't see.  
This is a leadership training opportunity - and will benefit not only you as a Rotarian, but will benefit the company you work for.  For more details continue reading.
Where to start: 
  1. Go to this link and start reading.
  2. Take the training classes available in the Rotary Learning Center:  DEI Basics, DEI Intermediate and DEI Webinar Series
We will have an upcoming meeting devoted to this topic soon.