Club President Gretchen is trying to get all Metro Area Rotary Clubs involved in cleaning up and inventorying the Bike Trail Markers.  

So what can we do?

There are over 100 miles of trials that are currently marked by Rotary markers.  We need to know how many are still there.  The markers are every 1/10th of a mile - we (as in all the clubs in Omaha) need to check all of them.  
I've signed our club up to do three trails:  Wehrspann Trail, Zorinsky Trail, and West Papio Trail.  Use the Event Signup page if you are interested in helping and I'll get you the sheets to track your progress.  You don't have to do all of it - just let me know how much you have done and someone else can take over.
Use this link to record your progress as you complete the survey.  If we get all of ours done - we can always sign up for more.

Map Boards

The Map Boards need some tender loving care.  I don't know what it will take to do this, so the first thing I need is for someone to investigate what we need to clean up the boards.  If you are that person, please contact me and we'll get it updated.
Use the same link for clubs to 'claim' the Map Boards to care for.  I've left the names of the original clubs assigned to each - but if you want to claim a different one - it's first come first served!  Just don't bite off more than you can chew.