Gary will be riding in the 101-mile Ride to End Polio in Tuscan on November 19th.  Gary provides his narrative of the event and a link to how you can help to eradicate Polio.
We are very close to eradicating Polio from the face of the earth, but the recent case in New York highlighted the truth that until it’s completely gone, it can come back—potentially with a vengeance. 
The Global Polio Eradication Initiative has an attainable goal of seeing the last case of Polio next year and the world being declared Polio free in 2026.  The only barrier to making that happen is meeting the budget.  The sad fact is that currently only one Rotarian in ten is giving to Polio Plus.  If everyone would give at least something, the goal becomes very real. 
This is a particularly powerful opportunity for your charitable giving, as the Rotary District is matching my donors 1 to 1 up to $20,000 and then the Gates Foundation matches all donations 2 to 1…so the overall match is up to 4 to 1 for the first $20,000 in giving.  If I reach my personal goal of $30,000, that will be turned into $150,000 with matches and every dollar you donate becomes four dollars.
Donations can be made here.
I’ll be riding the 100 mile route again—here’s the route—and I’ll be livestreaming the ride so you can follow along…assuming you have nothing better to do on November 19th 😊.
Any support you can provide would be greatly appreciated!