At our club assembly on June 16, we had a club assembly where we reviewed the past year and looked ahead for goal setting.  We did not get our additional net new members this year, but we hit it out of the park with our smaller, “Draw for a Cause” service projects.
I announced my goals for the club: the big ones are to Assess & Develop our club, Make new members feel welcome and have direction, and have some hands-on service projects.  Continue reading for more details - plus a hint of things to come.

Basic Goals

You can see the Club Goals in Club Central, but those are the minimum goals.  Gretchen also announced 'stretch' goals that we are going to reach for.  



2020-21 Min​

2020-21 Stretch​

Net New Members​

15 of 20​



Annual Fund​

$100 per member​

$100 per member​

$115 per member ​

Polio Plus​

$20 per member​

$20 per member​

$25 per member  ​

Service Projects​



4 + 2 District Grants​

Our club dues include donations for the Annual Fund and Polio Plus:  but the stretch goals will ask you to voluntarily make an extra contribution to the Rotary Foundation or Polio Plus. 

Service Projects

One of Gretchen's big goals is to have some hands on service projects:  and not just the meal packaging program.  We (the little club with the big heart) are going to reach out to the other clubs in the Omaha/CB area and try to see if we can get interest going in re-doing the Trail Marker system (you'll hear more on that later).  As part of this, we'll get outside and clean up some of the existing trail markers and get things going.  If you have any other ideas for hands on projects, please let Gretchen know.

Going for the Citation

This year's Rotary Presidential Citation asks clubs to set goals for 13 of the 25 published goals and achieve them.  You just saw four of them.  There were a couple of other easy-pickings like updating the website and social media and using Rotary materials, but we also selected these additional goals
  • Social Activities:​  We will have a minimum of 4 social activities this year​

  • Members participating in service projects: 95% of our members will participate in at least one service project this year.​

  • New Member sponsors:  ​2 people will sponsor new members​

  • Leadership Development:​ We will try to get at least one crossover event with Toastmasters​ and try to find other ways to help our club members with Leadership Development.

  • Rotary Fellowship Participation:​ 50% of our members will belong to a Rotary Fellowship by the end of the year​. 

Rotary Fellowships are another one of my hot buttons:  If you can’t find a Rotary Fellowship for something you are interested in, you’re not trying.  If nothing else, there is the Wine Appreciation Fellowship, plus fellowships for Beer & Whiskey.  What about Gourmet Cooking, Travel, Scuba, Yoga, Golf?  Wait, did I just see Metalhead on that list?

Check out or visit the Rotary House of Friendship this week at the convention. I think we can get 50% of our members to join at least one Fellowship – finding out what Fellowship fits you best may become this year’s Member Spotlight moment!

Assess & Develop our club

Rotary's theme this year is Rotary Opens Opportunities.  The best way to Open Opportunities for those in Rotary is to know our club.  We're going to do a series of exercises from Rotary's Membership Assessment Tools so we can get a good look at what we are doing right and where we can improve.  I hope that we can bring in more visitors and potential members this year - we always do such a great job at making everyone welcome.  But I hope we can add some direction as to "Why Rotary" and taking advantage of everything we can in Rotary.  By the end of the year, we'll be a stronger club, probably a bit more organized, and hopefully a bigger club too.


If you have questions or comments on the goals, feel free to leave them below or bring them up at a meeting.  It is OUR Rotary Club, and everyone's voice will be heard.